Pictures of Past Benny/Rita Pups 
& Testimonials
This is Harley, another Benny/Rita pup. 
Harley is a big boy & he's got his father's lighter coloring. He's sweet natured & gorgeous!
This is Remy. She is a female from Benny and Rita. She was a dark red pup that has grown beautifully. Here's what her owner's have to say about her, "Her color is just amazing and her fur is wavy and thick - just as you said she'd be. She has the perfect personality for us - smart, sweet, sassy and the perfect traveler. She is always happy and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to wake up to her smiling face and wagging body every morning! - Sheila
Meet Lacy! She is a loving girl, smart and obedient at the same time.
She knows how to high 5, say "hello," flip over for a much loved belly rub, and enjoys a thrown ball to chase. She has the entire acreage to romp in, however we still keep her safe and ask her to go inside her large/shaded kennel outside if we leave for a while. She's happy to be let out when we get home, and she has always slept in the house in her crate, which has the door opened, now that we can trust her. She knows when I talk about the grand-kids and stands up with her toy to see if they're outside. Our vet (and her staff) who have two Goldens, love to see Lacy for checkups. They make all over her, since she has such a wonderful personality. We really enjoy her and she gets a lot love and attention daily.  The two pictures show her off, as you can see both Benny and Rita in her profiles. Have a wonderful Mothers Day and year. Joann & Rod