Our Dogs
How Our Pups Are Raised:

Our Stud Dog! 
Chip Off The Old Block

O'Cribbs Chip Off The Old Block ~   "Chip"
Chip is a Buzz and Brooke son from O'cribbs Goldens!
  He is a gorgeous blend of his mom & dad! 
Beautiful light cream color with a puppy like expression that says "Hug Me!!"
American Kennel Club Registered
OFA Hip Excellent
PennHip DI=0.36
OFA Elbow Normal
OFA Heart Practitioner Normal
OFA Eye Certified 1/4/2018 report.
DOB 8/5/16
GR-PRA1 n/n, GR-PRA2 n/n, Ich n/n, MD n/n, prcd-PRA n/n
Chip is a tall trim male. We expect him to get more muscle and bulk as he matures. . .AND to pass on the fabulous good looks that runs in his lines! 
  Jayne's Acre Sweet Violet Flower

Violet is fun, active and  loyal. She is warm and affectionate as well. 
Violet loves to play in the hose and rainbird sprinkler, water is a favorite. Mostly, however, she loves her kong! To fetch or just to hold in her mouth. She successfully hunts small rodents, thus keeping them 
out of the house. 
Violet is very light in color with soft wavy hair and full feathers.
 I just love her big round eyes.
American Kennel Club Registered
OFA Prelim Hip Good
PennHip DI=0.30
OFA Prelim Elbow "Negitive for Dysplasia"
Eye Exam 6/3/16
OFA Practioner Heart  Normal
DOB 8/5/14
See our "Puppies" page for currently available pups!
Don't miss out on one of our incredible pups! Loads of personality! 
Easily trained, eager to please! Home/hand raised! 
Healthy, Guaranteed!
Contact us at: goldens.on.jaynes.acre@gmail.com or 916-397-2127
Jayne's Acre Ivy Blossom

Ivy is my athlete. She loves to run and has the 
muscle definition to show it. She loves all visitors, 
Smiling with her squinty eyes and pulling her cheeks up. 
But she especially loves children. She ignores the grown ups if there are kids around. Always so gentle with them. 
American Kennel Club Registered
OFA Preliminary Hip Excellent
PennHIP DI=0.51
OFA Preliminary Elbow "Negative for Elbow Dysplasia"
Genetic Testing Ich n/Ich
​OFA Heart Practitioner 
DOB 5/31/15
Enjoying a 
cool off.
Sleek, super soft coat.
Nice masculine head.
Our BIG boy. Yet so calm and gentle!!
Updated 11/26/19                                                             .
What she ususlly looks like.
Such nice feathering!
Some serious eye contact with those BIG round eyes. Just Beautiful.
Not only does Violet share her kong with her babies but she also shares her gorgeous coat color.
Ivy is my friendly, HAPPY girl.
Ivy gives us babies that go from white to cream to light tan each litter. Variety is the spice of life.
She also finds interesting places to relax.
by my
granddaughter. That's her happy 

Sugar is a sweety. She lives for chow time, but refuses to eat until she gets a hug and a scratch. 
She is funny too, playing with her ball, all by herself, growling and throwing it into the air.
Like all Goldens, she has that playful yet gentle personality. Always looking for the next head pat.​
OFA Preliminary Hip Normal
PennHIP DI=34
OFA Preliminry Elbow "Negitive for Hip Dysplasia"
OFA Heart Practitioner Normal
Genetic Testing Ich n/Ich
DOB 5/21/17
O'Cribb's Sugar And Spice 
We call her Sugar!
Pretty Feminine Face.
Sugar has a softly curling creamy coat.
Sugar's a true water dog
Jayne's Acre Showy Bromeliad Bloom

Millie is my foxy faced girl. She has very pretty fine
 feminine features.
I love her coat. Soft and flowing with nice feathers.
Millie loves sticks and balls to show off but her real love is chasing 
the wildlife out of the yard. Loyal and Loving. 
American Kennel Club Registered
OFA Hip Good
OFA Elbow Normal
OFA Practitioner Heart
DOB March 19, 2017

Jayne's Acre Dainty Jasmine

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