Our Dogs
"Retired Rita"

Zulu is our American/English Cream girl from
 the well known,  Little Flower Kennels in Montana.
Her parents are Doc & Bonnie!
Check them out on the Little Flower site to get an idea 
of where Zulu gets her gorgeous looks. She has great 
breeding behind her & has a wonderful, outgoing 
personality & beautiful looks! Pups out of her & Buzz
are fabulous! 
OFA Hips: Fair
OFA Heart: Normal
How Our Pups Are Raised:

This one taken with my i-phone, So the clarity isn't so good, but it's such a good shot  showing her square stance & lovely head!
So beautiful!
Our Stud Dog! "BUZZ!"
O'Cribbs Talk of the Town ~   "Buzz"

Buzz is a Benny and Bessie Son from Ocribbs Goldens!
  Click HERE to see his mom!
He is a gorgeous blend of his mom & dad! 
Beautiful light cream color with a puppy like expression that says "Hug Me!!"
Penn Hip/OFA Heart/Eye CERF Certified
Buzz is a standard sized male, but with his large dad, we expect him to get more muscle and bulk as he matures. . .AND to pass on the fabulous size that runs in his lines! 
Buzz at 1 year of age!
 Look at that masculine head! 
His light color is exquisite!
Buzz is so handsome, he can't help but admire himself in the mirror!
 Violet is fun loving and active. She is warm and affectionate as well. Violet loves to play in the water and to chase the Kong. She successfully hunts small rodents,  thus keeping them out of the house. 
Our babies are born in the house with us! Nothing is left to chance! From then on, we spend 100's of hours with them in play time, cuddle time & socializing!

The pups receive  loads of romp-time with my precious children and grandchildren!
Doesn't get much better than that for a well-rounded, socialized pup!
See our "Puppies" page for currently available pups!
Don't miss out on one of our incredible pups! Loads of personality! 
Easily trained, eager to please! Home/hand raised! 
Healthy, Guaranteed!
Contact us at: goldens.on.jaynes.acre@gmail.com or 916-397-2127
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How Our Dogs Are Raised
Updated 12/11/18