Color: English Cream
Sex: Male/Female

This Golden Retriever puppy is being sold as a pet and companion pup. It is understood at the time of sale, this puppy is NOT show quality, but is representative of the breed standard and is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion, obedience or therapy dog. Spay/neuter is required. Pups will be provided with AKC Limited Registration for non breeding dogs. If the new owner chooses to breed this dog, genetic testing such as OFA hips, heart and eye certification must be performed. After testing is complete, as the Breeder, I can have the registration changed.

Shots/Worming: 1st shot (DHPP-CV) is given at 6 weeks. Next DHLPP (Parvo shot) is due at 9 weeks, at that time your vet can set up a schedule with Rabies being administered at 4 months. Pup was wormed multiple times with Nemex 2 or equivalent wormer. (See health record for specific details)

Genetic Health Guarantee: This pup is guaranteed up to its second birthday against any hereditary genetic defect which develops to the extent it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet. If a defect is found, send or fax a vet's certificate stating the defect. I have option of requiring a second opinion by another Vet to confirm the defect. Official OFA evaluation is required for replacement of pup if hip dysplasia is detected. OFA hip rating must be moderate to severe for a replacement. OFA evaluation and Vet fees are at the owner's expense. After all exams are finished and a genetic/hereditary defect is found/proven, I will replace your pup with one of equal value on the next available litter, usually within a year; or we can come to a reasonable monetary settlement. 

I GUARANTEE GOOD HEALTH AND NO GENETIC HEREDITARY DEFECTS. I DO NOT GUARANTEE AGAINST COMMUNICABLE DISEASES SUCH AS PARVO, COCCIDIA, GIARDIA, DISTEMPER, RABIES, ETC.  We take every precaution to prevent these illness, but a pup's immune system is immature at time of transferring to a new home. Stress can contribute to a Coccidia or or Giardia outbreak. Be very careful where you take your pup until fully immunized against these types of diseases.

The price for American Golden/Cream is $1850.00. Deposit paid $______ Balance Due________. Minimum non refundable deposit of $250.00 required to hold any pup. Balance is due when the pup is picked up or two weeks prior to pick up if paying with a check.  

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Guarantee & Pricing
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